NEFF Essentials Cooking Package

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Now: €3,259.00
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Our Appliance Packages are designed to give you the best price possible on premium level appliances.

Our cooking essentials packages are put together to give you all that you could need to cook a great meal. Which in our eyes is the essential part.

The packages are put together at different product levels, containing different features/programs at each level.

What can you expect from the NEFF Cooking Essentials Packages?

  • The best oven in its respective collection
  • A compact oven with microwave functionality
  • A flex induction hob
  • An integrated extractor fan. 

NEFF Cooking Essentials Package

Oven: B47CR32N0B

  • N70 Slide & Hide
  • CircoTherm
  • 12 Functions
  • Small TFT display

Compact Oven w/Microwave: C17MR02N0B

  • N70
  • CircoTherm
  • 6 Functions
  • Small TFT display

Hob: T58FT20X0

  • 80cm Flex Induction N70
  • TwistPad
  • 1 x Flex + 3 zones
  • Frying Sensor

Extractor: Modulo - 1

  • 72cm
  • 3 speed push button
  • stainless steel
  • washable metallic grease filters - optional charcoal filters for recirculation mode


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