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Special features -

    Drop down door

Features -

    Silver display EasyClock
    Mechanical Control
    Interior light
    Oven with 6 heating methods:
    CircoTherm®, Top/bottom heat, Full surface grill, Bottom heat, Defrost, CircoRoasting
    Pull out system: Available as an accessory
    4 shelf positions
    Framed glass inner door
    Triple glazed door
    Cooling fan
    CeramiClean® liners (back, roof)

Design -

    Bevelled glass fascia
    Bevelled oval controls
    Retractable control
    Bar handle

Performance/technical information -

    67 litre capacity
    Energy efficiency rating A
    Total connected load 2.9 KW
    Energy efficiency rating (acc. EU Nr. 65/2014):
    Energy consumption per cycle in fan-forced convection mode: 0.84 kwh
    Number of cavities: 1
    Heat source: electrical
    Cavity volume: 66 litre

Standard accessories -

    1 x baking and roasting shelf cranked, 1 x insert grid, 1 x universal pan

Included in this price is a contribution to the recycling cost of €5