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Kitchen appliances are a key feature of every Irish home, necessary, but also a big contribution to design. Your choice of appliances contributes to the look and feel of your home and a refresh of them can act as an update to both your technology and your interior design.

We have everything you need to fill your home with top quality items: refrigerators, freezers, hobs, extractor fans, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers the list goes on. All of which, of course, features the very best of materials and modern technology.
We make sure all of our appliances offer you that little something more, the innovative use of technology. Our refrigeration products feature FreshSense which ensure even cooling, dishwashers with HydroDry ensuring hygienic and efficient drying and most of our ovens and hobs are controlled by touch sensors.

We also offer packages for a number of appliances, should you be looking to fully stock a new kitchen, or give an old one a little refresh.

Check out our wide range of Siemens, Neff, Bosch for your home.

Kitchen Appliances for your Home

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