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Seating Furniture

There’s nothing quite like getting home after a long day and curling up on your armchair or sofa. Or lazing about on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea in your favourite chair. Every member of any household always has a favourite “spot”- a chair that is, or should be, exclusively theirs.

Everyone requires something different from their “spot”. A bar stool, a dining chair, a sofa or an armchair. Some want plenty of space to sprawl out, while others prefer a cosy fit to curl up on. Some like a bold colour, while others want a statement piece. Choosing your chair can be the making of your “spot”.

From L-shaped luxury sofa to cosy armchairs and stools, our range features a variety of sizes and styles.

Take a look at our selection of seating options below.

Bar Stools | Dining Chairs | Sofa & Armchairs