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Eblong Scandi Design Dining Chair in Blue-Grey

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Based on the classic Eames DSW side chair designed in 1950 by Charles Eames.

Our Eblong Padded Seat takes its ergonomically curved form with inspiration of designs by Charles Eames himself. 
It perfectly adapts to the shape of your body, with the addition of a padded seat cushion wrapped in faux leather. The seat material is a of a molded plastic, and its shape resembles that of a lotus petal. The combination of light wooden legs and black metal wires not only add to the aesthetic value, but provide great stability in a comfortable chair.

This chair comes in a bluegrey plastic with coloured faux leather to match.

House is in no way affiliated with Charles & Ray Eames. Our furniture is inspired by the designs of Charles Eames and not to be confused with those which are manufactured and sold by the EamesOffice and Associated Partners.